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Sedi Software and Training Specialist

Professional training course providers

Sedi Software and Training Specialist (Pty) Ltd have been assisting many small and medium sized businesses over the past 7 years with their training needs. Our mission is to increase business and organisational performance, through training and software.

Training Philosophy:

  • We believe that each delegate has the ability to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, values and attitudes, needed to improve their work performance and contribute to the overall success of the business or organisation they work for.
  • We believe that each delegate has a preferred learning style, and we incorporate all the different learning styles into our training methods.
  • We constantly improve our trainers’ skill-sets, in order to provide maximum benefit to our clients.
  • We are passionate about organisations, businesses and people, and endeavour to all we can to assist them to succeed.
  • We believe in providing world class training.